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None of our bowls hold the entire ocean that is God...


Alejandro Tamargo felt that the film made

by his son in 2012  was like a "Movie Trailer"

sent from God reaffirming the message......

Pentecost Sunday, 2016, just as the book was to be published....

On May 15, 2016, the Sunday in which Christians celebrate Pentecost, I was invited to attend a reunion being held by,......

On Giving and Receiving:

To be powerful, giving and receiving should always be two sides of the same coin: LOVE.   

About the Author:

Alejandro O. Tamargo (Al) was born in

Habana, Cuba in 1949 .  He was one of

thousands of children sent by themselves

to the United States by their parents....


Golden Bridge Mission Statement......

To be a bridge of love and understanding among people of the world of all races, religions, sexual orientation, and nationalities..........



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